3 Ways to Show Your Team Appreciation in December

The year is winding down, and the season of reflection and celebration is here. Now’s the perfect time to express your appreciation for your team members. In days past, company parties or impersonal gifts may have sufficed. But as priorities and attitudes toward work have shifted, influential leaders can adopt a more thoughtful, personal approach. Here are three truly meaningful ways to show genuine appreciation for your colleagues.

1. Respect their time off

The best gift you can give your team is time to rest. Fully respecting their time off shows that you’re a leader who values their well-being and respects their work-life balance. Make it clear that you don’t expect people to respond to emails while they’re taking time off. Avoid calling or texting them. And, before you fire off a work-related email, ask yourself, “is this a December problem or a January problem?” Chances are it can wait until the new year.

2. Send a heartfelt message 

Validating, inspiring, and encouraging messages make an enormous positive impact. Take the time to craft heartfelt words showing you see and appreciate each team member’s strengths and contributions. A handwritten card or a thoughtful email that expresses genuine appreciation is a more meaningful gift than a cookie-cutter tchotchke. 

3. Make everyone feel included

Whether your team is in-office, fully remote, or hybrid, it’s essential to ensure that each individual is included in any end-of-the-year celebrations or perks. Remote and in-person team members should receive equivalent opportunities to participate in company parties, bonus programs, or gift exchanges. It might take a little extra logistical finesse, but your colleagues will appreciate the effort.

Seemingly small gestures can make a huge impact on team morale when they come from a place of heartfelt appreciation. And while you’re giving these gifts to others, be sure to include yourself! Genuinely unplug when you take time off this year, and take a moment to reflect and feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. After all, self-reflection is a powerful leadership skill too!

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