3 Behaviors to Amplify Your Influence

The ability to influence is one of the most critical skills a successful leader can develop. It’s not about power, manipulation, or control — far from it. Rather, influence is about developing the capacity to impact the behaviors, choices, and attitudes of others. Influence allows you to motivate and inspire your team, resulting in better performance and overwhelmingly positive results. These three behavior shifts can put you on the path to truly influential leadership.


1. Lean into conflict

Avoiding conflict derails trust and implies that you’re not an advocate for yourself or your team. But embracing healthy conflict and navigating difficult conversations with skill builds influence. Take the opportunity to be a role model for positive conflict resolution, and your team will follow suit.


2. Make yourself heard

This doesn’t mean you need to be the loudest voice in the room. Instead, work to make yourself heard through direct, articulate communication. Remember that the way you communicate (cadence, tone, clarity, volume) is just as powerful as what you say. An influential leader chooses their words carefully, clearly communicates their point of view, and inspires others to do the same.


3. Listen with empathy

Empathy and non-defensiveness go hand in hand, as both require an open mind. Listen to understand, and learn to respond instead of react — especially when you’re hearing negative feedback or criticism. Take time to consider and contextualize points of view that differ from your own. A leader who listens with empathy inspires better communication and more constructive problem-solving.

Your ability to influence is directly related to your ability to inspire your team and drive their success. It’s a powerful yet subtle tool the most knowledgeable leaders use to forge strong relationships, build trust, and create positive impact. Develop the ability to influence, and change the course of your leadership journey for the better.


Powerful question: Have you worked with an influential leader? What qualities did they exhibit that inspired you?  

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