podcast three

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Host: Natalie Barron

Guest: Adam


One of the biggest challenges in our leadership careers can be managing change – and doing it well! Whether you’re dealing with changes in processes and practices or the way you manage your people – having a good recipe for change can make all the difference.

My guest this week, dynamic technology and communications executive, Adam Chen, shares his wisdom as we discuss how to successfully lead large-scale organizational change and the ways you can create an environment that makes change both possible and powerful in your organization.

We dive into:

  • [6:40] The surprising percentage of change initiatives that fail
  • [7:25] Adam’s inspirational career journey
  • [9:00] Providing the tools & environment for his employees to thrive – and the trait that allows him to do it!
  • [11:45] The powerful story of Adam’s biggest influence in his career
  • [15:25] Micromanagement – overcoming it, and why you should!
  • [18:30] Identifying when to “do it yourself” as a leader and when NOT to
  • [21:40] Some of the MOST IMPORTANT skills you need when implementing change
  • [27:55] The things leaders get wrong when implementing a large-scale change management initiative (and how to avoid them!)
  • [33:45] The most successful way to get a group’s buy-in on a change initiative
  • [39:50] Adam’s TOP TIPS for managing large-scale change in an organization
  • [45:00] Advice for when your change project isn’t going well
  • [48:30] What you should know BEFORE speeding up a change initiative

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